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[120724/Transcript] Strong Heart transcript (the Inkigayo incident)

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 05:00 AM


Kyuhyun's part:

During our 5jib Mr. Simple promotion period, there was one day when we had to pre-record our performance for Inkigayo. In between the pre-recording and the live broadcast, we had a bit of time and so we decided to play the "I will do the same thing to the person who does it to me" game. On that day, everyone was playing in the waiting room. While Leeteuk was sleeping, Kyuhyun poured some water on him and when Leeteuk asked who did it, Kyuhyun smiled. Donghae said it wasn't him and in the end Kyuhyun admitted "Hyung, it's me" with a smile on his face. Leeteuk was so angry that he hit Kyuhyun on the head. Leeteuk continued by saying "You are a really bad person" and he hit Kyuhyun again.

At that time, Victoria was also present in the waiting room as they had a joint performance. After Kyuhyun got hit twice by Leeteuk, he was close to tears and he said to Leeteuk "Hyung, how can you do this to me? Even if I did something really bad, you shouldn't be doing this to me". Kyuhyun left the waiting room in tears. Leeteuk then went to apologize to Kyuhyun. "Kyuhyun-ah, I'm sorry". Kyuhyun replied by saying "I don't want to talk to you now" and he went upstairs on his own to calm himself down. After 30 minutes, he decided to return to the waiting room and that was when he saw Leeteuk sitting alone on the staircase, looking dejected unlike a leader at all. Kyuhyun kept his feelings in and walked away.

In an attempt to reconcile with the members, Leeteuk told Kyuhyun to give the acceptance speech should they win first place on Inkigayo that day. Kyuhyun said "No, I'm not doing it" but after saying that to Leeteuk, he had secretly prepared a touching speech in case they win. However, when they won the award, the microphone was given to Eunhyuk first and after Eunhyuk finished his part, Sulli who was the MC started to give the closing speech by asking the members to prepare for their encore stage.

Eunhyuk's part:

On that day we were suppose to have a joint stage with f(x) as well but Luna's leg got injured while we were recording and she had to be sent to the hospital. The atmosphere on that day wasn't good because of this incident. However, Donghae, being his insensitive self, he did not realize the atmosphere and he continued playing around. After preparing for the stage, Leeteuk decided to take a rest and he had a blanket over his face while sleeping. Donghae continued playing around despite Eunhyuk warning him to stop.

Leeteuk got slightly angry after Donghae poured water on him twice. As Donghae was hesitating whether or not to do it for the third time, Kyuhyun came through the door. Kyuhyun who wanted to join in the fun, took over and poured water on Leeteuk again and this made Leeteuk really angry. He got up and shouted really loudly at Eunhyuk thinking he was the one who did it. Eunhyuk felt very hurt because he thought that Leeteuk sees him as an easy target and he cried.

Leeteuk's part:

"When all of those were happening, Victoria was also present and I did not even have my top on. They just kept on playing." (The MCs asked if Victoria remembered the incident and she replied "Luna was sent to the hospital and I was resting while monitoring the performances when it happened"). Leeteuk did not have his top on and he did not even wear his pants properly yet they kept fooling around. "When they first poured water on me, I thought they spat on me. When they did it the second time, I was almost certain that it was Eunhyuk who did it. Donghae replied saying it wasn't him when I asked. I hit Eunhyuk thinking he was the one who did it and Eunhyuk shouted "It wasn't me!!!", in the end he cried. Kyuhyun who was hiding at that time admitted that it was him while smiling. I got so angry and I hit Kyuhyun on his head. After doing that, I regretted and I cried in the toilet. When Kyuhyun said "Hyung, how can you do this to me? Even if I did something really bad, you shouldn't be doing this to me", I was even more heartbroken. Because of my ego, I let him walk away. When I went to look for him, I saw him crying alone while looking at the sky. I called him and he told me "I've got nothing to say to you now". During the live broadcast, regardless of what happened, we had to carry on in the broadcast and we had to give our acceptance speech."

Eunhyuk just sat in one corner with his head hanging low and Leeteuk didn't know what to do so he told him that both Kyuhyun and him can give the acceptance speech if they win the award. Eunhyuk replied "Why do I have to do it?". When they received the award, the atmosphere became really awkward. Eunhyuk gave a really standard speech and the members clapped very superficially during the encore stage unlike their usual lively selves.

Shindong's part:

"On that day, I was the one that cried the most" and Kyuhyun agreed. "I was sleeping when the incident happened and I woke up after hearing Kyuhyun got hit. I was confused as I didn't know what was happening and the funniest thing was that our manager had captured the incident on a video. I watched the video and after realising what happened, I went and comforted each member individually. I continued doing it even just before we went on stage. When we won first place, I even pat Donghae on his shoulder asking him to smile and at that point of time, I couldn't stand it anymore. I was asking myself "What am I doing? We are recording for a programme!" We went to the waiting room after it ended and out of anger, I kicked an ice box which was lying on the floor. Unfortunately, the box had cola in it and it sprayed onto Yesung who was standing beside it. That got Yesung angry because he was victimized when he did not even do anything to begin with. He shouted at Shindong saying "How can you do this to your hyung?"

Eunhyuk continued: "We had Dream Team recording on that day and after getting first place, I cried. I was thinking about the members when I was running during the race."

Credit: @Vicky-TOT, SJ Baidu Bar
Translated by: KyU Is L♥Ve @ SJ-World.Net

Do not take out of SJ-WORLD.

NOTE: Due to the persistent violation of the forum's/translator's crediting requests by several individual fans/websites/fansites, ALL translation-reposting permissions which have previously been given out will be revoked.

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#2 janelle_azn

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 05:12 AM

OMG, This makes me very sad, reading it. I'm glad they are still together though!

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Donghae~Sungmin~ Eunhyuk

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 05:25 AM

Omg, no wonder that inkigayo had such a sad atmosphere, I thought they were upset about Luna all along..There were so much going on..But I like how they pour out all the things they had in their heart instead of cooping it up.

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 05:48 AM

lol this is sad and funny at the same time >> it all started because they were being their usual 5 year old selves hahahah.. playing around too much until leader got angry XD on normal days leeteuk probably just let them play but since the mood was already bad so this happened kkk

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 05:58 AM

Super Junior is the best...
Throughout sadness, happiness, and misunderstanding , they grew in strength, stronger ans stronger <<3


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Posted 25 July 2012 - 07:02 AM

This really got to me. Emotionally and everything. I'm just so happy that they can make up after such arguments. That proves their bond.
I believe that these disagreements only make them stronger in the end.
I love these boys so much. :heart:

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 07:39 AM

after reading this i went to look for the clip, and indeed it was so weird.
They were like "what do we do, i don't wanna be here right now"
so awkward, the encore when they usually go up and down all hyper, they where like standing there baring the moment.
but those are the moments that make you stronger, being able to talk about their good and bad moments.
and of course i just can't help but thinking, these boys act childish not only on variety, even at fighting haha cute cute

and just like that, in the blink of an eye, i fell for you...SUPER JUNIOR ♥

#8 Nekojiro

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 08:59 AM

i applaud the manger who got all that on video~~~ :wae:
UPLOAD! UPLOAD!! :devil: :devil:

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 10:21 AM

One thing crossed in my mind:

What a strong bonding they have,whenever a slight and trivial problem occured,they will comfort each other,deep-down thinking about their own mistakes and how to solve the problem...What a warm family...

And why I sobbed when typing?

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 02:34 PM

Ahhhh i remember this. it's on 21 August 2011? when Kibum doing his birthday and members face was like -oh-so-blue.
and during that time, it's only Heechul oppa who said "Happy Birthday Kibum-aaa..".
At first i was thinking, "what's going on? did they forget? oh thanks Heechul". :wae:

but, now i know they're on something that turned their mood down. i feel bad, for anything.
However, it's showed that they still argue and it's normal and more so, showing their tight brothership.
Aren't true relationship often involved with arguement? that's what makes them stay longer as friend? and best? they're family.
no secret nor fake :yeah:

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 07:45 PM

ah~ so sad that this happened :x
but they must have strong bonds betweent them that they still can continue till now..

#12 childishchay

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 03:44 AM

Awww. I feel sad reading this. But I'm happy that they overcome fights like this. They're bond is so strong. :)

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 11:59 PM

Leeteuk is such a Blood type A~
These Super Junior members, they are so precious, and such a beautiful family, I'm so glad they get to be Super Junior.
The fact that everyone shared such meaningful and hurt tears clearly means that they all care about each other so much.
Ahhh, I'm so proud to be an ELF!!!
Super Junior Fighting~! Thank you sharing!

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 08:56 AM

Am I sadistic if I say I want to hear Donghae's version of the story too?

I hope that the incident helped them grow together as a group and understand each other more.
Leeteuk was probably embarrassed since he was not dressed properly.
Poor Kyuhyun. He just wanted to join in the fun but he had such a bad timing.
Poor Eunhyuk for being misunderstood & poor Yesung for the cola incident.
And Shindong's such a sweetheart, consoling everyone individually.

I'm kind of glad that the manager did not interfere. The members should sort out the situations themselves to not create more misunderstandings.
I hope the video that the manager recorded help them resolve the conflicts. What a smart way to keep evidence..

#15 karyl17

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Posted 29 July 2012 - 02:30 AM

Well, finally the boys really shared what really happen on August 21 2011. I still remember that day,I'm so worried at that day because of Eunhyuk expression, and the boys are not really into themselves at that time.
Thank God, I finally know the reason what really happen at that day :)

#16 lee shin hae

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 02:51 AM

I knew it! Something was really wrong back. I remembered watching that encore stage and I was like, 'What the hell is wrong with them?' After one year, my question has been answered. I am actually glad that it happened. Because of the argument, I believe SJ's bond become stronger. I am so proud of them.

#17 initialDI

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 04:03 AM

lol and that forever 5 years old Donghae started it all XDD
Yet he doesn't get punished! Fishy you're being a brat here >:/

Tumblr Twitter

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 10:44 PM

Hae ah~ even though i'm biased to you, but YOU!
You started everything but you didn't got scolded whatsoever. Naughty fishy!
Poor kyunnie, worst off, HYUKKIE!! TT^TT
My poor baby hyukkie, got scolded for something he didn't do, and he's the one who actually tried stopping Hae :(
Kyunnie too...hais.


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#19 Herle


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Posted 31 July 2012 - 02:32 AM

Oppas stop the drama! It's not worth it.

Love Super Junior! !Herle! !Heechul!
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#20 Anne Macailao

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Posted 31 July 2012 - 10:31 AM

This is funny, swear~ :)))
This proves that somehow, they do have conflicts. And to show their professionalism, they tend to hide it from us. :)
In the end, they still reconcile, and the group is still on.

I just love how Kyuhyun's deep smooth base,

Ryeowook's high & sweet tenor and

Yesung's sexy husky baritone takes my breath away.

#21 viridianblue

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 03:36 PM

Honestly, I wish Donghae and Yesung were there to tell of their involvement (even if they had somewhat minor roles haha), just so that I can see Yesung defend himself, and also to watch how Donghae will react when Eunhyuk calls him 눈치가 없어 over and over again. XD

It sounds very solemn when you read the transcript, but in actual fact, the Strong Heart episode had them joking and laughing about it. It also shows their friendship in a way, how they can laugh it off and get back together! Band of brothers indeed. ^^ Thanks for sharing!

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#22 anniebelly

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Posted 06 August 2012 - 10:28 PM

i hope they can always clear up the conflicts and misunderstandings every time! i pray they can be eternity like shinhwa

#23 lust3fyer

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Posted 06 August 2012 - 10:45 PM

It's normal thing that in such close relationship, there always got some conflicts... and it shows that they are close each other^^

#24 OnlyMin

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 07:42 PM

I found something weird when they won and Hyuk looked like a ghost during that winning speech :(
I knew it all along there was something wrong with KyuHyukTeuk didn't realise Shindong because he's always happy ^^
These kind of things makes their bonds stronger I guess..
Hope it doesn't happen again :)

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#25 yodelly

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Posted 09 August 2012 - 04:08 PM

i hope this situation won't happen again :(

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